Work in progress - you can punch stuff, you can't loose.


Made for the UCLA Making a Scene game jam in a few evenings.

Fight the establishment.

Trying to capture that feel of the angry 70s punk scene and the things they rebelled against, using the distinct punk typography and poster design.

I also wanted to give players a taste of the cassette culture, by allowing them to operate an old tape deck and swap cassettes mid-play.

Arrow-keys - move left/right
Space - punch

Click on the cassette tape at bottom of screen to pause game and swap tapes.
(You don't have to rewind the tapes - only need Play, Stop and Eject)
Stop and eject the current tape and then select a new tape from your stack to insert it in the cassette deck. (Don't forget to shut the tape holder )


Art & code: me

Music: (All sourced from

Bad Ronald - Community Pig
Basic Bitches - Shove it
Dirty Fences - White Lies
Half Cocked - Maybe yours, Maybe Mine
Milk Dick - Coffee and Drugs
Nots - Red Dust
Pudge - Fucking Yes Mate
Pudge - Quit While you're Behind
Raw Pony - Goin Blank
Steve Adamyk Band - Swallow you Whole
Street Eaters - Null
The Meltaways - Dead
Weeping Icon - Jail Billz
Wimps - Vampire
Worries - Past Lives
X_______X - Jaguar Ride
Zerodent - Overbite

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