Build an manage a sustainable regenerative ocean farm by placing wooden platforms
and growing diverse sealife along them.

What is regenerative ocean farming?
A system where kelp and seaweed are grown in vertical columns, with shellfish grown on the ocean floor.

It promotes polyculture - multiple species growing together side by side.

Requires no "input" of nutrients (no fertilizer etc.) as all the species gather the nutrients and plankton from the seawater alongside the sunlight already present.


Marcel van de Steegcode & art
Muhammad Mooneeb Hussaincode
Felix Wilsonmusic & sfx
Sam Ramlumentor & QA


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I like the art style, and the interactions. Nice work.


i love the radio haha this was great


It already feels like a classic farming game, and I love the setting. The interactive radio is great and I had fun flipping through the channels. I wish there was an indication of the square footprint of the "crops" as I'm placing them, but I got used to it quickly. The gameplay feels like it can really be expanded on  by adding more ways to monitor how your "crops" interact with each other. Really enjoyed it!