Post jam update:

Fixed issue with fullscreen on tablets.

Added boat unit, adjusted the igloo's cash return


Made for 1-bit clicker jam.

Click on the ocean to catch fish.

Sell the fish, recruit creatures to help you

Upgrade the penguin Kings castle.

There is no ending (yet)

Didn't have time to balance costs.

Made without using any framework or game engine, so only tested in latest version of Chrome. Should work on Android tablet in Chrome.


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what have I done?




Penguin Capitalism  Simulator, it's pretty easy to get fish fast, just spend your money on polar bears and you got moneeeeeey 


OMG! Is very good!


i played until i could no longer tell what i was looking at


I really enjoyed this, my only complaint is that I don't think the two currencies serves the game well. I think you should just stick to fish for everything. It's annoying to keep clicking sell fish and it doesn't add anything. Great job!

Yeah, I had planned to do something with the two different currencies.
Didn't quite work out, might fix that up later.