My totally unfinished entry for Regenerate Game Jam 2022

You can pick up the cows and make it rain. That's all.

Glomp has decided to help out on the farm:
- Help rotate the cows over the pastures. 
- Make sure the cows have grass to eat

- Don't let the gorse get out of hand
- Watch out for snakes!



Mouse - Hand

Click and hold - grab/release

Space - rotate pasture

M - Mute

F - toggle fullscreen

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Made withPhaser
Tagscow, giant


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i am entertained..  i shall herd the cows.


Hahahaha I love this. The tiny little nipple is the cherry on top. You need some amusing music, I think, to send this over the top. Well-executed, polished stupid fun. I don't think it's very sustainable for a full game, but for amusement, it fit the bill. Look into avenues like creating your own website for high volume views, you might be able to get some ad revenue via traffic.