Woof. Your bestest friend has gone into this spooky dungeon and

has not come back! Go find her! Bork at the spooky skellingtons if they bother you. In fact, bork at all the things, you never know!

Post-jam version: Slowly fixing all the little things and bugs that were bothering me :)

My entry for the lospec1 gamejam. (https://itch.io/jam/lospec-jam-1)

The game had to conform to the fictional 'Lospec LTRO-1'  console:

240x135 resolution
Fixed 10 colour pallette (https://lospec.com/palette-list/ltro-1)
7 button controller

Arrow keys  - Move
Space / Z       - Bork
Alt/X               - Woof

F - Fullscreen

Gamepad (haven't test this):  doesn't work
B - Bork
A - Woof

Development log


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This is such a rad game! So cute, so fun, and so well made. I love the whole package. I really appreciate the inclusion of “Bork” as well as a “Woof”.