A quick shoot-em up game for #moviegamejam.
Inspired by scenes from a certain recent superhero movie.

I couldn't get the hitboxes to work, so there's nothing to shoot. Maybe in the next update.
So shoot all you want, the big alien ignores your bullets.

Press Q to make the big alien drop some alien laser...balls? (sorry, self service today)

Of course the radio works, because all the cool superhero suits have a built in super awesome soundsystem ;)



Not awesome bro! The nefarious god Hoki has pinched the purple emerald and used it to open an interdimensional portal over Hamilton, New Zealand (aka 'The Tron')

Aliens are pouring out of the portal and giving everyone a big fright! Oh noes!

Local super hero team the Bro-vengers rushes into town to foil Hokis plan for world domination

You, Laser Harrier, aka billionaire super genius Kim Spark, have been tasked with containing the aliens. Go blast em! Pew pew pew!


Arrow keys - move up and down

Spacebar - shoot

F - toggle fullscreen
M - Mute music
N - Next track

Gamepad controls should work as well.



Code & Graphics - madmarcel


Space Cowboy - Jennifer Zhang - https://www.jenniferzhangofficial.com/

Corridor Run - Kayupla - https://kayupla.bandcamp.com

Mountain Trials - Joshua McLean - http://mrjoshuamclean.com

Guitar Mayhem - Eric Matyas - www.soundimage.org

Move It Out - Eric Matyas - www.soundimage.org

High Quality Soundfonts Are For Pussies - Jegus9 - https://jegus9.itch.io/

FutureBeef - marbenx - https://marbenx.itch.io/

Float & Use Caution - Zenuel - http://zenuel.com/


Monster Roar - Michel Baradari - https://opengameart.org/content/15-monster-gruntpaindeath-sounds

Laser Shot Silenced - bubaproducer - https://freesound.org/people/bubaproducer/sounds/151022/

deep low flyby - RobinHood76 - https://freesound.org/people/Robinhood76/sounds/330519/

StatusIn development
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Made withPhaser, Inkscape
Tags2D, avengers, moviegamejam, Shoot 'Em Up, Side Scroller


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This is really cool to look at! I did find a few minor bugs that might be helpful to know for future work:

1. I'm using a keyboard with a volume scroller, and it seems like scrolling the bar counts as a valid input, same as clicking the mouse.

2. I hit N to get the next song but I think it ended up playing all the songs at once.

Really cool stuff overall! :)

Thanks for that. I'll see if I can fix the bug with the Next song button making all the songs play at once.